by Todd Lane 

"Art is not decoration.  Art is exploration." - Jordan Peterson

I am the proud owner of the "Maximus" bronze. I adopted this baby elephant when I was staying at an elephant sanctuary in Arkansas and fell in love with him. Todd has managed to capture the "pure essence" of Max, who at only 1 year old thought he was king of the herd. The detailing and positioning of Max in his playful attack mode have brought out his true character. I am thrilled and honored to have a Todd Lane Original displayed proudly in my home and I know that this gifted artist has a very bright future ahead of him. -Ginger Martens

Cerebrate - to use the mind; think or think about

About Me

This drawing is image #1 of my "Kenya Safari 2005" series.

My Background


 "Todd. A fellow traveler in the world of wonders." -Walter Matia 

Polymath Artist:   I am a former exclusively black & white newspaper comic strip/trade publication cartoonist, clay and wood sculptor and illustrator. 

"Ostinato Rigore" (relentless rigor) -Leonardo da Vinci

I received my formal art training at Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland. There I studied a myriad disciplines to include: cartooning, illustration, drawing (all levels), advertising art, design, and sculpture. In addition, I studied human anatomy, physiology and kinesiology for 18 months which has benefited me enormously in giving life to my work. 

Following art school, I served an extended seven year apprenticeship under master wildlife sculptor Bart Walter. I also studied under master sculptor Walter Matia for over one year. 

As a result of my years of formal training and professional understudy, I have come to understand that creating fine art is fundamentally about developing the ability to see your subject--any subject--with uncommon clarity. You will not be capable of imbuing your art with a true sense of life until you have learned to see in this way. 

 And to do so, you must consciously be thinking about: shapes, distances (i.e. positive and negative space), mass, movement and symmetry as you sculpt or draw. It's an ongoing exercise in problem identification and problem solving. 

In addition to my personal mentors, the artists that I've been most influenced by are: Jacob Epstein, Alexander Pope, Felix de Weldon, Henry Moore, August Rodin, Alberto Giacometti, Bill Watterson, Gary Larson, Jim Unger, Wiley Miller, John Callahan and Berkley Breathed.

Artist's statement: Regardless of the medium, I believe it is only art which speaks truth that has a lasting resonance with the viewer. Therefore, I do demand anatomical accuracy from my work. However, since art is an interpretation, I also believe that my work is enhanced by incorporating a judicious degree of exaggeration. These are my goals.

I was inspired to sculpt a Dachshund  because of their diminutive stature, yet tenacious character.


I utilize clay (cast in bronze), wood, granite, marble, graphite and pen.  

Duma Kenya Series image 2. An East African male Cheetah inspired by my 2005 Kenyan safari.

My Inspiration

At the age of 4, I began tracing characters from old Walt Disney books.  And after decades of continuous practice, formal training and extended apprenticeships, my work gradually evolved into fine art.  Although I do get inspired, for me, art is more about a need to create and a feeling that I'm wasting precious time when I'm not. I create because I can't *not* create. ...not for long anyway. Finally, I don't believe that people are  either "talented" or "gifted." However, I do believe that we are all born with a particular aptitude. And if you work hard and never give up, you can develop your own aptitude into an actual skill.

"He who has a why to live can bear almost any how." -Friedrich Nietzsche